Soul Esteem

If you are in the arena of personal development, entrepreneurship or self mastery, you'll often hear two extreme schools of thought.

One- that work is struggle. Fighting for your place in the Sun. Competition. (very ego driven) I will say this system can work. But you’ll burn out and your work may produce results, but it won’t be inspiring. 

The other will mention things like, “go with the flow” and “don't work so hard.”

To me, both of these beliefs are operating from lack and on the same frequency, low self esteem.

What I've found is that the best is neither… and It's not "balance" or a copout of working hard either.  

It's true flow state. It's operating from your soul. The most powerful and driven state. Which, to me, is automatically striving for maximal growth, excellence, and becoming the absolute best you can be. In all aspects. Within and without. True Self Worth. 

However, unlike the first extreme school of thought, not struggling. You are divinely fueled. Purpose driven.

Soul Esteem.

If you are religious, you might say you “work for God.” If you are spiritual perhaps only serving love and universal laws. 

Not ego. Not lack. Not low self-esteem. Not competition. Simply operating from your Own Excellence and Soul. 

Think of nature, always evolving, producing naturally. 

If you are really a Christian or Muslim and you work for God, how can you be average? Really. 

Work is righteous. Work is creation. But it needs to be fueled by pure intentions. From the heart. From your divine nature.

It becomes who you are.
You ARE excellence.
You ARE great work.

This is Self Mastery.

That's the way you become the person you are meant to be.

That's the way you work righteously.

And to quote Wes Watson,
“gratitude is results.”

What better way can you actually be grateful for this life and honor your God or your own very existence and Soul other than being like the "Father" and creating and being great?

Gratitude is Results.

Work is righteous.