Love In Action

I was heading down to Target this morning. Driving on my usual route down 7th Standard Road in Bakersfield. A parked truck was blocking the road, with myself and many cars approaching. I honked and breaked to try to alert the truck behind me. As I pulled over, the man got out of his truck to let me know his transmission had failed. He was an elderly man, probably in his mid-70s. I immediately felt concerned and asked him if he had AAA. He said, “Yes, I’m going to call AAA.”


Two men from the truck behind me got out to help him push the truck safely to the side of the road.

As I saw the two men help him, I started to cry. Partly because I empathized with him for going through trouble. (failed transmission) — Being alone. But also because I was so happy to see what is supposed to be a normal thing happening. It’s just beautiful to witness good men doing good things.


I’m still sitting here, parked behind the man in his truck, typing this blog post. It was a beautiful way to start the morning. Not an inconvenience at all. I sure hope the man felt that too when he received that help.


I think back to all the times I had trouble and I had people come to my aid. Almost always complete strangers.


These are times of grace, and to me, they are magical.


There’s a beautiful word in the Bible that is referenced as being what matters most to God. (And is also used to describe God)


The word is hesed. There are so many definitions of it. Like—loving kindness, mercy, faithfulness, goodness...

I’ve always known exactly what it is. It’s hard to put it into words. I think it’s more of an essence. Energy, like when you do the right thing. You feel it.

When you feed stray cats, Save a stray dog. Give when you can. Just doing the right thing. Putting your cart back at the store.


Not for a reward. But for its own sake.


To me, that’s “hesed.”

True goodness.


And I think that’s why I cried. I witnessed it happening right in front of me.


And I understand why that is what God values most.

or why it’s what God is.

What we should all be.