The Power of Love

Ever heard of a mother gaining superhuman strength to lift a car to save her child?


There are many events like this that have taken place in the world where people have done miraculous things—things that seem impossible.


As I go through life, I am reminded everywhere I look that all of the best things are made by love.


Think of the best music, art, or acts of any kind.


In my opinion, just like Kobe Bryant said, “all the greats have love.”


I don’t mean just a lax form of love, but true love, the highest form of energy that exists.


To quote the Bible, “God is love.”




“The highest of these is love.”


As an artist/musician and entrepreneur, I can stand by this view with great confidence.


Think of a great song that brings you to tears. (Made by love, for sure.)


The ability to create, to endure, and to persist are all miraculous - And for me, they have all been made possible by love.


I know it’s not something talked about too much in the business or fitness realm.

But I think it’s important to note.


When I think of someone like Hormozi, knowing his story, it’s easy to attribute his success to his wisdom—from a purely intellectual and skillset standpoint. However, if you dig deeper, you’ll notice that the main drivers were overcoming struggles, pain, and darkness as well.


But the most important takeaway I get from Hormozi is his love for Leila. (And love for the game.)


I think for all of us, our greatest fuel will always be love.


Love is what we’re truly made of. It’s our highest power and our source. It’s who we are. Who we really are. Our best self. 


When it comes to personal growth—Love multiplies. It seeks growth. It calls forth our best. It wishes the best for all. It wishes the best for ourselves. It’s the magic. It’s the secret sauce.


Loving our spouse, our family, a pet, a thing, or just operating from this energy can create miracles, excellence, and peace in our lives.

It’s beyond the mind; it’s where the soul is.

It transcends all things. “The greatest of these is love.”

It’s huge. Don’t forget it.


It’s what I’ve used in all my greatest accomplishments, and it has been the force behind all I do. It has led me through the darkest times and produced miracles.


Love is the great transformer.


"Operate with love. It fuels the desire to become great." — Kobe Bryant